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moving tips

Self-Packing Advice and Helpful Moving Tips

Here are a few moving tips you can use to make your next moving experience stress-free.

Always make sure that you use the tape provided to fasten the bottom and top of all your boxes. Please DO NOT just fold the flaps of the box in a crisscross way. Use at least 2 strips of tape for the bottom and top.

Now you will have a strong and secure box. Clearly label what is in the box with which room you would like the box to go to. If you do this on the tape with a marker pen, the removal team will know these are your instructions, and will keep the boxes in better condition, allowing them to be used again and again. “The best way to Recycle.”

Place heavy & bulky items into the bottom of a box but remember there is a culmination of weight. One dining plate on its own doesn’t weigh very much, but ten together is surprisingly heavy, so keep this in mind while loading your boxes. If possible, try and stand things like plates on their end as this way, they are stronger, same with glasses. Use plenty of paper, bubble wrap and newspaper as padding or use items of linen and soft toys that you will be taking with you anyway.

Please if possible, fill all boxes to capacity, a full box is stronger than a half empty box.

Make sure that all the lids, tops on bottles or anything that can spill are securely fastened, and in the case of bottles make sure they are stood
upright and held in that position firmly.


pack flammable items like paraffin or creosote into moving boxes, as these will not be allowed on the truck and will invalidate any insurance cover if they find their way on.

Books, plates, tinned food or linen in quantity should be packed in the smaller cartons which we supply for this purpose.

Clothes and bedding can be left in chests of drawers and ottomans. Other pieces of furniture should be empty unless they are lightweight & secure. 

Drawers in divan beds should be emptied.

Remember to arrange disconnection of washing machines, cookers and other installations.

We will only handle curtains, carpets, lampshades or other fitted items if specifically mentioned in our quote.

Unless specifically arranged beforehand our employees will not empty lofts & attics which do not have a fixed staircase, Suitable flooring or

moving tips


keys, purses, cheque books or files and paperwork which you may require whilst moving.

Keep items you do not want us to move to one side and point them out to our staff. (Once loaded it can be very difficult to recover an item packed by mistake and will generally entail a further charge).

We can not insure laptops, tablets, mobile phones or passports so please take these items with yourself.

A household removal will take several hours of effort at both addresses, so please offer your removal men beverages, and do not pack the kettle. The crews are fond of both tea and coffee, so please take this into consideration.

Please pack up and disconnect any DVD, SKY, and BT, PC or audio equipment. Take any phone or internet boxes with you in the car. Hanging clothes in wardrobes can be left until moving day and our staff will pack / unpack these for you.

Bedding is ok to pack in good quality plastic bags (bin bags), but if possible, please tape up and label. Garden and garage items are nearly always loaded onto the lorry after the house contents.

In general, we will aim to arrive on your removal day between 8am – 8.30am and aim to have everything loaded on to the removal truck by 1pm.